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About Vinoba Sewa Ashram

VSA is working on issues of maternal and child health, nutrition, tobacco control, sanitation, women empowerment, livelihood since 1980.

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If you are looking for top NGO’s in or near Uttar Pradesh, then have a look at this Vinoba Sewa Ashram which is located in Bartara, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the best NGO’s in Uttar Pradesh, and it has been in India for almost 68 years. They are working on the three most important things, which are Education, Health and Livelihood. They are present in over 90 countries, where people live with dignity and security. They are based on the values of Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Shri VInoba Bhave.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Vinoba Sewa Ashram is a Mission-Driven Social Service Organization based on the core values and ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave.

Vinoba Sewa Ashram is running for over 68 years in India only and only because of a well planned Health, Education response. The goal is to provide a better living to girls from poor and marginalized communities.

Where We Are Now

They are part of the VSA international Confederations and work with over 90 countries all around the globe where people are living with dignity and security.

Saving Lives & Building Families Since 1980

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